Holly's poetry adventures began in 2011 when she first competed on stage at a local poetry slam. Since that first nervous performance, she has become a three-time Grand Slam Champion and Director of the London Poetry Slam, the National Director of Spoken Word Canada, and represented London at four national spoken word festivals. Taking her love of poetry into schools and the community, Holly has spoken to over 50,000 students at 60+ schools across Ontario and worked with over 50 community organizations.

Using poetry to share the messages of "speak your truth" and "show the love", Holly engages and inspires people searching for their own voice. Holly's personal stories shed light on her past struggles to be herself and remain strong in the face of adversity, and she shares those experiences through poetry to encourage and empower others. Holly speaks on topics such as diversity and inclusion, mental health, bullying and violence prevention, and art as a powerful advocacy tool.

Holly is a former Artist in Residence for the Thames Valley District School Board and London Arts Council, a two-time TEDx speaker, a 2016 London Mayor's Honour List award winner, and testament to the fact that your biggest fear can become your greatest passion.

"Holly is one of the most riveting and authentic speakers that I have come across. Her passion for social justice conveyed in the art of spoken word has the capacity to relate with the audience on such a deep and emotional level, leaving a lasting impression well after the stage lights are dimmed."
Renjie Butalid, TEDxWaterloo Organizer